About Me

Hello Readers, Thanks for you for being here to know more about me! My Name is Rutvik Thakor, Author, and Owner of This blog. The reason behind this blog is to share some information about Dragon Tree (common) called also Dracaena marginata (botanical/scientific).

I have good knowledge of indoor and outdoor plants. I have a detailed guide written on this blog about growing and caring tips for the Dragon Tree plant and how to propagate Dragon trees properly.

I also have these plants at my home so sharing here some practical guidance about Dragon Tree (common) called also Dracaena marginata when to water and how much sunlight is required and many more.

dragen tree plant

If you need some practical and helpful information about the Dragon Tree plant, then this blog is for you where you will find everything about the Dragon Tree plant that I have shared here. You can contact me via email directly and also reach me on Facebook as well.