How To Propagate Dragon Tree


Dragon Tree 🌳, also known as Dracaena, is a popular indoor plant known for its striking foliage & easy maintenance. Propagating Dragon Trees is a simple process that can be done by dividing the roots, taking stem cuttings, or using air layering.

In this πŸ‘‰ article, I will guide you through the steps to successfully propagate your Dragon Tree & provide tips for optimal growth & care.

How To Propagate Dragon Tree

How To Propagate Dragon Tree

Dragon trees which are also called Dracaena, which is their Latin name, Are very easy To grow more of. you don’t need a fully grown plant to make more of them Because you can just cut off The top of the stem.

In the spring and summer, They grow pretty quickly, So you won’t have to wait too long for new growth. They are also great plants for people who are just starting out with plant propagation Because there aren’t many steps and the success rate is pretty high.

Root Division

Find an old Dragon tree & carefully take it out of its pot. Use a clean sharp knife to cut the root ball into smaller pieces each of which should have at least one shoot & a good root system.


Plant each piece in a separate pot with potting soil That drains well. Water Them well & keep Them in a warm, sunny place.

Stem Cutting

Cut a branch off of an old Dragon Tree & pull off the lower leaves. Dip the cut end in a rooting hormone & plant it in a pot with moist well-drained potting soil. Keep the soil moist & in bright light that isn’t directly on it.

Air Layering

Pick a mature Dragon Tree stem & make a small cut about halfway through it. Put wet sphagnum moss around the cut area & wrap it tightly with plastic wrap.

Keep the moss wet & in bright light that is not directly on it. Once the roots have grown, Cut the stem below the roots & put The rooted stem in a pot.

If you take good care Of your new Dragon Trees, They will grow & do well.

What’s The Best Time Of Year To Propagate?

I always suggest That you start a new plant from a cutting in the spring or summer. It gives You the best chance of being able To spread the plant.

Make sure that winter is over So that your cuttings can grow during The warmer, sunnier months.

If you try to make more plants in The fall or winter your cuttings will try to grow when the plant is usually sleeping. so you won’t see much change & the cold temperatures make it more likely That the leaves & roots will rot.

When plants are propagated in the spring The mother plant has the best chance to recover & start growing again. This is because propagation can be a little stressful for plants.

Common Problems When Propagating A Dragon Tree

  • Cutting wrong: If you don’t know how to cut right, Your roots won’t grow as fast & your plant won’t Grow as fast.
  • Poor soil quality: Dragon trees need soil that drains well & has the right amount of moisture.
  • Too much water: Too much water can cause root rot, Which can kill the plant.
  • Lack of light: For a dragon tree to grow well, It needs bright, Indirect light.
  • Lack of nutrients: For healthy growth, dragon trees need To be fertilized often.
  • Poor air circulation: If there isn’t enough air moving around the plant, it can get too wet & get sick from fungi.
  • Cold temperatures: Dragon trees can’t handle frost, so cold temperatures can hurt them.

In Conclusion

Here I have concluded about How To Propagate Dragon Tree 🌳. I hope you find This information useful. nevertheless, if you have more queries concerning this information You can Contact us by visiting this page.

Dragon Tree Propagation FAQs

Q. Where do you cut the dragon tree to propagate?

To spread a Dracaena (dragon tree), cut a piece of stem that is at least 20 cm (8 inches) long and remember which end goes down. Put the cutting in water or moist soil. When the plant is growing quickly, probably in the spring or early summer, is the best time to take a cutting.

Q. How do you root a dragon tree in water?

Put the stem in a jar or vase with water and make sure the leaf nodes at the bottom are covered. Place the jar where it will get bright, indirect light & wait for roots to grow. This could take between 2 and 8 weeks. After the roots have grown, you can move your new plant into the soil.

Q. What is the best way to take care of a dragon tree?

Most house plants need more water than the Dragon Tree. When you water, do it lightly & slowly from above with clean water, letting the water soak down to the roots. Then, pour out any extra water. Before you water, you should always let the top inch of soil dry out. Wet soil shouldn’t be used.

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