Dragon Tree Plant Care


In this 👉 guide, I will discuss the basic requirements for Dragon Tree Care including watering, light, temperature & soil. By following these guidelines, you can help your dragon tree thrive & enjoy 🙂 its beauty for years to come.

Dragon Tree Plant Care

Dragon Tree Plant Care Tips

This indoor plant has a striking look That never goes out of style. it looks cool In any room of Your house or even at work.

One thing to remember about taking care of your Dragon Tree is that it should be planted In soil that is loamy, well-drained & has peat moss added to it. During the growing season, you also need to water the plants often.

One of the easiest plants To take care of is The Dragon Tree. It doesn’t need much care & It’s a great way to clean The air & decorate Your home.


The first thing we need to Do to take care of a Dragon Tree is to make sure it gets enough light. yes, a Dragon Tree plant can live in low light, But it likes bright light that has been filtered.

Plants that get less light will grow more slowly & make leaves that are smaller and have less color. Don’t ever put your Dragon Tree in direct sunlight, because the sun will burn the leaves.

If you notice that your Dragon Tree’s leaves are pale, That it grows slowly, or that it makes small new leaves, This means it isn’t getting enough light.

Set your Dragon Tree where it will get four To six hours of filtered indoor sunlight or where It will get some shade.


Compared to other house plants your Dragon Tree needs less water. As a general rule, you should only water when the topsoil is dry which is usually once a week. But keep them from drying out by misting the leaves often.

If the tips of the leaves on your Dragon Tree are brown or The leaves are falling over, You are giving the plant too much water. When the plant’s leaves are yellow it means it needs more water.

Let the topsoil dry out first before you water it. The Dragon Tree can live in dry conditions, But it still needs water to stay alive. at least once a week, you should water it.

If the edges of the dark brown leaves on your Dragon Tree turn yellow, You should check The quality Of the water.

You shouldn’t give your Dragon Tree tap water because it has fluoride in it, which can hurt & eventually kill your plant. Put the tap water in an open container overnight to filter it.

Humidity & Temperature

Next on our list of ways to care for your Dragon Tree is to check the humidity & temperature of your place. Dragon Tree can live in environments with average humidity, But it prefers environments with higher humidity.

It also likes temperatures between 70 and 80°F. Keep the plant away from cold draughts & temperatures below 55°F, as this will hurt it.

If the tips of your Dragon Tree’s leaves are brown, that means the air is dry or cold. Check the humidity of the room and mist the Dragon Tree often or put it on a tray of pebbles.

Pests & Other Problems

It’s easy to take care of a Dragon Tree indoors. but you should watch out for mealybugs, scale, & spider mites in particular. Use an insecticide with pyrethrin to get rid of these pests.

Also, don’t worry if you see that the leaves at the bottom of the plant start to die & fall off. This is normal. The Dragon Tree loses its lower leaves so that new ones can grow.

So much for how to take care Of your Dragon Tree. It’s not hard right? This plant is popular because it’s easy to take care of, It can grow in different places & it adds beauty & class to any room.

Signs Of Nutrient Deficiency

Dragon Tree Plant Care

Yellowing leaves are the most obvious sign that a plant doesn’t have enough nutrients. Most of the time, the lower (and older) leaves are the first to turn yellow & fall off. Sometimes, the tips of the leaves will turn yellow first.

If you aren’t already using fertilizer start doing So as directed. After seeing signs of nutrient deficiency, It is important not To over-fertilize. The plant can also get sick if it gets too much fertilizer.

In Conclusion

Here I have concluded about Dragon Tree Plant Care. I hope you find this information useful. nevertheless, if you have more queries concerning this information, You can Contact us by Visiting this page.

Dragon Tree Plant Care FAQs

Q. Do dragon trees need sunlight?

What kind of light should I give my Dragon tree? Dragon Trees do best in bright, indirect light, But they can also grow in medium to low light. Keep them away from harsh direct sunlight, which can burn their leaves.

Q. Is Dragon Tree a good indoor plant?

The Madagascar Dragon Tree is definitely one of the easiest indoor plants to grow and care for. Dracaena marginata trees grow slowly and can get up to 6 feet tall inside. I sayeasy” & “hardbecause I’ve seen two of these get almost no care or attention and still do well.

Q. Why are the tips of my Dragon Tree turning brown?

If the tips of your dracaena leaves start to turn brown you may not be giving your plant enough water. If you let your plant dry out for a long time your dracaena will not die, but it will show you brown tips. But don’t water too much, which is the most common way to kill plants.

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